Windsor Circle's Predictive Marketing platform helps retailers grow repeat sales by putting the right message in front of the right customer at the right time. Integrating Demandware with 19+ email marketing service providers, retailers enjoy faster setup and higher data integrity and measurability with Windsor Circle. Our platform models customer behavior to determine the key triggers for driving repeat sales. Using these insights, our platform automates 1:1 messaging and optimizes email cadence through our client's preferred activation platform or email service provider.

Our clients see an average of 10% lift in repeat sales, which, for the average eCommerce retailer, translates into a 40% lift in gross profit after 12 months.  Windsor Circle helps retailers like L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, The New York Times Store, CoffeeForLess,, Working Person’s Store, and 370+ others achieve more revenue and engagement with their existing clients, through features such as predicted revenue, predicted gender, automated replenishment, browse abandonment, and more. 

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Windsor Circle’s Javascript & Pipeline based Cartridge imports 3+ years of Customer, Product & Purchase data and displays 60+ charts & graphics focused on helping retailers understand how well they’re retaining their customers. Metrics such as retention rates, CLV, AOV by coupon, and RFM score produce powerful insights. Couple this with Windsor Circle’s predicted revenue feature, and retailers are able to hone in on key campaigns that are proven to drive repeat sales, increase engagement, and boost customer lifetime value. Retailers can use Windsor Circle’s user-friendly app to set up key modules such as replenishment automation, shopping cart abandonment and browse abandonment, all while enabling key predictive features such as predicted gender and dynamic product recommendations. Get started quickly with Windsor Circle’s industry only Integration Guarantee - we’ll work with you to setup a timeline and complete your integration within a specified time period, or you get 30 days free. Arrange a demo or trial today and get started driving repeat sales. 

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  • Integration to 19+ ESPs and activation platforms, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, IBM Marking Cloud, etc.
  • Predictive Capabilities, such as predicted revenue, gender, and dynamic product recommendations
  • Replenishment Automation for B2B and B2C consumable goods
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery with anti-gaming technology
  • Browse Abandonment Recovery including unknown visitors, with product recommendations
  • Customer Retention campaigns, such as predictive win-back campaigns and post-purcahse series. 
  • Predictive Analytics including user-friendly, data science at the Markter's fingertips 
  • 3+ years of historical and going-forward data analyzed and pushed into ESPs
  • Professional services with expertise in 19+ ESPs to support Cartridge and campaigns
  • Industry's only "Integration Guarantee" complete with project plan and timeline


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