MotionPoint helps companies achieve immediate and sustained business success in international markets. As the world’s #1 enterprise website localization & optimization provider, we operate over 2,000 websites, in dozens of industries, in over 50 global markets, every day. This great diversity provides us with a unique and unmatched perspective on international online markets.

All other localization vendors only provide translation. MotionPoint delivers the best translations and much more, including technologies, tools and teams that quickly generate ROI, meet business goals, and whenever possible exceed them. This industry-leading methodology hails from our understanding that localized sites deserve the very same attention and commitment companies dedicate to their own primary-market sites. We use powerful tools to drive international traffic and engagement, and supercharge conversion. We provide experts in international markets, UX, and marketing localization. And, we continually evaluate the performance of our clients’ sites, searching for ways to improve the user experience and reduce costs. We strive to be an indispensable resource for our partners, and deliver results that continually surpass their expectations. In doing so, MotionPoint connects millions of people with the right products and services – and delivers Global Growth. Fast.

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The MotionPoint cartridge allows organizations to connect their Salesforce Commerce Cloud content to MotionPoint's translation services in two different ways. First, the cartridge can send and retrieve content from MotionPoint's web-based translation API.  Simply install the cartridge, plug in the MotionPoint-provided API endpoint, and the cartridge will take care of getting the translated content into your Commerce Cloud site.

The cartridge can also integrate with MotionPoint's proxy-based approach.  After adding a few simple tags your template files, Commerce Cloud users can flag any product/object and Commerce Cloud will then control how the MotionPoint proxy  sees and processes that object for translation.

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  • Content translation via Webservice
  • In-object attributes to control proxy-based page handling


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