Our platform drives product level profitability for Brands and Retailers, through a combination of data quality & automated product level optimisations.  By creating a single 'perfect' product data feed, our customers are able to launch, manage and optimise their product catalogue across Marketplaces, Shopping Search, Affiliates, Display, PPC, Email, Personalisation etc.  Through actionable insights, optimisation algorithms maximise performance at a product level to ensure every product click drives profitability.

On average, in the first 6 months, our customers:  Increase Product Clicks by 30%, Increase Revenue by 49% & Increase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by 34%.

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Intelligent Reach's Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK Cartridge allows retailers to fully sync their entire product catalogue (and associated product attributes) with the Intelligent Reach SAAS Marketing platform & across over 800 ecommerce channels worldwide, with no additional integrations needed.  Once integrated, retailers are able to launch, manage and optimise online channel activity, whilst product data feeds are automatically updated, enhanced and normalised.  The two way LINK Cartridge integration also faciliates proactive management to and from the retailer for any transactions made externally i.e. through Marketplaces such as Amazon & eBay.

As the retail landscape continues to grow and evolve, so too do the ecommerce channels integrated within the Intelligent Reach SAAS platform.  Retailers will have confidence that their product feeds are always up to date, compliant and in the latest format as well as having the ability to trial new opportunities as they arise.

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  • Easy Cartridge implementation 
  • Automatic export of your product catalogue to the Intelligent Reach SaaS platform.  Here data is first validated then optimised & enhanced to create the most perfect product data feed.
  • Marketplace integration includes Order, Stock and pricing updates via API; across Amazon, eBay, Rakauten, Fruugo etc.
  • Marketing agility to launch product catalogue or specific categories across any of our 800+ Integrated partners, including:  Marketplaces, Shopping Search, Affiliates, Display, Personalisation, PPC, Social, On-Site Technology, Email etc.
  • Automatic update of product catalogue ensuring range, pricing and stock availability are always up to date.
  • Perfect Product Ads created for every online channel. Product feed optimisation is specific to each of our integrated partners, ensuring product ads are always compliant and using best practise.  Products stand out from the crowd while being more relevant to consumer searches.
  • Product level Optimisation ensures that every product click drives revenue.  Automated algorithmic programming optimises retailer performance in line with their specific success metrics.
  • Real time, actionable insights from channel down to a product level.


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