Borderlinx allows retailers to seamlessly reach new markets abroad by managing the international shipping logistics. Borderlinx removes the challenges of maintaining a consistent customer experience across all markets by being an invisible global partner. We help eCommerce professionals maximize their business potential.

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Integration usually follows a simple process : Borderlinx cartridge is delivered and plugged into the ecommerce site, then compatibility tests are run to highlight any specific impact on the Merchant's custom code. Once cleared, the Merchant's business settings are defined and setup in business manager and/or Borderlinx Merchant's profile. Tests carts covering all use cases are provided by Borderlinx with expected figures to be handled on the Merchant's site. The Merchant is granted access to Borderlinx's end to end test platform to access Borderlinx's Extranet and Logistic features (printing carrier labels and customs documents).

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  • Product customs classification 
  • Import & Export restrictions 
  • Duty and taxes calculation
  • Landed Cost presentation
  • Currency conversion
  • Direct shipping from warehouse
  • Express International Shipping
  • Customs & Brokerage Management
  • Labels and Customs paperwork generation and printing
  •  International Returns management


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